• By JP
  • 17th November 2018

Hi there…

Hi there…

Hi there… 150 150 JP

Throughout life we are taken from stepping stone to stepping stone. We start in primary school, then we jump to secondary school to gcse’s, when the sole purpose is, for most of us, to do well enough to do our chosen a-levels. Then the purpose of a-levels is often to do well enough to get into our university of choice. From step to step, there is always a logical step forwards. My mum had a saying she used to say to me whenever I got stressed with work or worried I wasn’t going to do well; ‘you only need to do well enough to get to the next step’ she would lovingly say. 

Well, what happens when there is no next step? When the next stepping stone is suddenly no longer there? Welcome to the life of a graduate. For some, the luckiest amongst us, a graduate scheme will have been secured, perhaps even a job or further study. Again, for the lucky ones who have taken a professional route, the stepping stones continue to guide your path. However, for those of us who suffered through an arts or humanities degree, the path can appear pretty ambiguous.

So thats where I, and this blog comes in. This blog is space to discuss the challenges we face upon graduation, the blind panic that can come with the dreaded question from every single relative at every single family get together… ‘what are you going to do with your life?’ 

I write this as I’m sat on a 32 hour journey to the other side of the world, Peru. Follow along with me as I try and find an answer to that question hanging over all of us, and do so by exploring the world.