• By JP
  • 28th November 2018

Finding my path and finding TEFL

Finding my path and finding TEFL

Finding my path and finding TEFL 1024 576 JP

I write this sat on the beach of Zorritos, it’s 5pm (pass me a beer), and the sun is beginning to set, golden hour providing a light against the crashing waves that you cannot help but be inspired by.

Many people asked me before I left, ‘what is TEFL?’ ‘why TEFL?’

TEFL translates to Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Once qualified, you’re employable anywhere in the world. Music to a wanderlust-filled graduate’s ears.

During the course today I learnt that over 2 billion people worldwide are currently trying to learn English, otherwise known as the language of opportunity. And let me tell you, after almost two weeks of trying to learn how to teach it, it’s a lot more difficult to learn than one might first think.

It’s easy to forget how privileged we are to not only live in a developed country, but to do something as second nature as speaking English as our native language. Speaking English has time and time again been proven to be one of the most valuable skills a person can have. So much so, that in china it is the law for children to learn it. Fair or not, the world is pushing towards English becoming a global language.

So, once I saw my native language as a natural asset, and as something that I could so easily take with me all over the world, it was a no brainer. By making use of  an inherent skill, you can not only travel the world, but contribute a little good wherever you go, and greatly improve the life prospects of many by doing something as simple as teaching them a skill you don’t even have to think about using. Through TEFL, you can learn a little, see a lot, and do some good in the world by contributing even more.